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Mission Statement:


is a Denver-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to providing flights to medical facilities throughout the United States, for all people in need of Medical Care, whether it be routine in nature, critical or life-saving. Our goal is to provide humanitarian assistance to patients without the financial capability and resources to facilitate this travel for themselves.

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A Step in the Right Direction - for Patients, Medical Facilities and Medical Personnel

FOOTPRINTS IN THE SKY is a Denver-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to providing FREE FLIGHTS for patients to medical facilities throughout the United States using mainly donated charter and corporate jets. Those who seek our help are typically in need of routine, critical or life-saving care and cannot use commercial airline service or other means of transportation because of financial constraints and medical issues.

OUR AIM is to provide patients with a safe, time-sensitive and sympathetic service that will bring them some measure of comfort and relief at a difficult and stressful time. We are committed first and foremost to safety, with emphasis on efficiency of operation and service to our patients.

FOOTPRINTS IN THE SKY'S first full year of operation as a tax-exempt corporation was in 2011. Since then, calls received and processed from patients and medical facilities across the country continue to increase as FOOTPRINTS becomes known to the medical community and patients alike.



ONE CANNOT ESCAPE from the reality that there are many desperate patients all over the country wondering how they will get to their treatment centers. FOOTPRINTS' access to a nationwide network of charter and corporate jets and the generosity of aviation entities make it possible for these needy patients to be flown on modern business jets to medical facilities across the U.S. - at NO COST and within a few hours flight time.

THE NATURE OF a person's medical condition is not a determining factor for eligibility to fly with FOOTPRINTS in the Sky and we do everything in our power to match up our donated aircraft flights with the time constraints and destinations of our eligible patients.

FOOTPRINTS IN THE SKY is one of only two humanitarian flight organizations using primarily charter and corporate jets, and we are unique in that we are the ONLY organization of this type with the experience and capability to operate turbo-prop and jet equipment as a bona fide Flight Operation using professional flight crews. We also have 30+ years of experience within the aviation industry. These facts give us extensive aviation knowledge and insight into the industry as a whole, which may present us at times with alternate solutions to difficult flight requests.

OUR DONATED BUSINESS JET AIRCRAFT are mini versions of commercial airliners, equivalent as far as speed and safety are concerned. They are pressurized, operated by professional flight crews, and routinely fly at 30,000 or 40,000 feet and travel at 500+ miles per hour.

OVER THE COMING YEARS, FOOTPRINTS in the Sky will continue its efforts to reach more patients who need transportation to facilities for routine, critical and life-saving medical care. As a non-profit, we rely on donations, and therefore would appreciate any help you can give. Donations may be made in the form of Cash, Check or PayPal through this website.




  • 2015 - More successful stories made possible by the giving and caring of a number of individuals and companies.

  • Thanks to a new partnership with the NBAA (National Business Aircraft Association). We now have daily access to their flight operations data. This provides us with access to hundreds of aircraft. We are hoping this will increase our efficiency as we search for our patient flights!
  • Pigs can Fly! Based in San Luis Obispo, CA., PCF Aviation is an aircraft charter, rental, maintenance and flight school. They helped us with a desperate medical flight request recently and made a donation to FOOTPRINTS in the Sky. If you are in the area give Jim a call at (805) 783-2359 and say "thanks!".
  • A special thanks to Majestic Jet (Ft Lauderdale), American Empire Limousine (New Jersey) for their invaluable assistance in providing transportation in the Air and on the Ground for our Miami patient traveling to New York for treatment.
  • Please check out our NEW Online Application for Flight Requests.
  • Look for our Footprints in the Sky listing at kindly donated by its publisher, Jim Matthews. We are listed under Medical Transportation Services.
  • Thank you to all for recent donations from corporations, individuals, patients, pilots and charter operations for our recent flight successes.
  • A Jet donated by Club Jet Charter, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota allowed us to help a young mother named Alexandra and her 2 year old son travel from the New York area to Cincinnati and its Children's Hospital for treatment. Read More
  • Tammy and her daughter Courtney are now in the hands of the doctors at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore. Their Donated Flight, a Citation jet, left Denver Sunday with expenses for the fuel contributed by the family and several dozen people from around the country.
  • "Help us bring Baby Maggie home for the holidays". And you did help! Their flight left Ogden, in a donated jet prop, on Tuesday morning and arrived in Rockport, Illinois to be greeted by family members later that day. Read More
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