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Mission Statement:


is a Denver-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to providing flights to medical facilities throughout the United States, for all people in need of Medical Care, whether it be routine in nature, critical or life-saving. Our goal is to provide humanitarian assistance to patients without the financial capability and resources to facilitate this travel for themselves.

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"Hello, my name is Sebastian, I have been diagnosed with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, Severe Scoliosis, and Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis since birth; therefore I am tracheotomy dependent. He are home my ENT doctor was waiting for me to turn 2 years old in order for me to have a tracheal reconstruction surgery which entails lots of delicate work including taking part of my rib and implant it on my trachea. I was referred to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for a second opinion by my orthopedic doctor. Unfortunately, Cincinnati is 12 hours away from home. Fortunately, my mom contacted Footprints in the sky because our resources are very limited, and they were able to fly us there at no cost. What! I flew in a private Jet for the first time and it was AWESOME!. Not only because it was just us on the plane, but because my immune system was not compromised at all. I will always thank Footprints in the Sky because they made my dream come true, I actually do not need reconstructive surgery because my vocal cords ARE NOT PARALIZED! after all. I’m very happy because I will be decannulated without so much trauma and it appears to be very soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…"

Alexandra Bohorquez



A Jet donated by Club Jet Charter, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota allowed us to help a young mother named Alexandra and her 2 year old son travel from the New York area to Cincinnati and its Children's Hospital for treatment.

Shane, a Technician and Line Pilot with the Club Jet was extremely helpful. He offered to hold the business jet ( a Falcon 10 ) with its flight crew an extra night at the hotel in New Jersey and wait for the mother and her son, allowing them to leave this afternoon from Morristown, NJ.

A special thanks also to Dave Kempa, President of Charters by Air Denver, for securing this flight at such short notice in co-operation with Club Jet.

Good job and thank you from all of at FOOTPRINTS in the Sky !!"


Saturday, 3rd December

The phone rang late Thursday evening. The caller, a woman named Tami, obviously hurting and seemingly out of answers. Her daughter, Courtney is laying in a University of Colorado hospital bed awaiting a flight to Baltimore and Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Montgomery ( Tami calls him a "miracle worker" ) waits with his team of doctors. Here may lie the answers to their prayers. An operation and transplant, that may now include the mother, may give hope and life beyond Christmas 2011.

FOOTPRINTS is looking throughout its charter and business jet network for an airplane. However, due to the extreme urgency of this request we have again gone outside of our network and have found two or three aircraft that may be made available. One from the Dallas area and the others in Denver. With each of these aircraft we have been asked to contribute monies in order to help with operating expenses ( such as fuel ). Each aircraft, apart from the fuel costs, is being generously donated for this flight.

In the last 24 hours the response from all over the country has been incredible. More Christmas miracles !! We are getting close to having the funds required. If you would like to help, you may call johnny at our FOOTPRINTS' office in Denver, (303) 799 0461.

Additionally, if you wish to contribute a tax deductible donation, you may do so through our website and go to the PAYPAL icon on our "Welcome" page. We are trying to facilitate this flight as soon as possible as time is critical.  Posted on Facebook by Johnny Langland

Monday, 5th December

Sunday morning at 6:30. As we drove onto the airport in Northwest Denver. A gorgeous red and orange glow peaked through a small opening in an otherwise cloudy, grey and snowy type of day.

Our passengers were 22 year old Courtney and her mother Tami. In less than 48 hours we had located a Citation jet donated for the cost of fuel. I told the owner and pilot for this flight that his generosity was truly lifesaving. Courtney and her mother had no options left. They needed a flight ... Courtney needs a transplant. There are also many special medical considerations. Dr Montgomery, they believe, has the answers.

A few minutes past 7 AM and the jet lifted from the runway surface towards that orange and red glow. Perhaps that beautiful panorama before them boded well for a flight that included much needed tailwinds and a taxi ride with only green lights to the hospital. Upon landing well ahead of schedule, they were at the hospital in less than 10 minutes.

She is there !! How many people helped us this time ?? I am still counting. Donations to help with expenses are still being made through our website at The response, as with Baby Maggie, went beyond my expectations.

You people are WONDERFUL !! Posted on Facebook by Johnny Langland


Maggie Roberts is a 7 month old baby girl who is not long for this world. Due to complications she was born 6 weeks premature and sustained severe brain damage. Her short life has heart-breakingly been lived from surgery to surgery, connected to tubes and wires 24 hours a day. Her mother and father have given up everything to stay by her side and help her hold onto life, but she has been slipping these past months.

Maggie's Parents, Houng and Derek Roberts, are originally from Rockford, Illinois but moved to Ogden, Utah when Huong was offered a teaching job. With Maggie being born so premature due to a placental abruption, her mother Huong had to undergo an emergency cesarean, and then was put into a medically induced coma to help her heal from it. She underwent a hysterectomy to save her life and suffered organ failure. Thankfully, Huong was only in a coma for a month and a half and has recovered better than expected, but they will now never be able to have children. Maggie is their first and will be their only child.

Presently, Maggie is at home in Ogden, Utah with her parents, but all their family and friends are back home in Rockford, Illinois.

All that her parents want now is to bring Maggie home to Illinois and surround her with family and love during her first...and last Thanksgiving and Christmas. Due to her delicate condition she would not survive traditional transport. What we are asking for her and her parents' behalf is help in finding her a way home. She needs to be transported in a specially equipped plane or helicopter. Airlines will not allow her to travel with the amount of oxygen she will need.

She has been denied by Make A Wish Foundation because she is under the age of 2 1/2. We have reached out to not-for-profit organizations like Angel Flight and Miracle for Hope. At present Maggie is not being transferred from one medical facility to another, nor is she needing to transport for a medical treatment.

We have sent multiple emails to media sources and entered her into the Home for Thanksgiving contest being presented by Ellen at" Posted on Facebook by Theresa Iacovetta

Hey ya'll ... you made it happen ... you big hearted people who took the time to become part of this story and HELP US HELP THEM !! They are in the air.  The aircraft left Denver this Tuesday morning at about 6 am, has now left Ogden and on Tuesday afternoon they arrived in Rockfort.  So many people made this happen. Our sincere thanks to all of you from all of us at FOOTPRINTS in the Sky.

johnny, Suzanne and Nicky



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